NPI & Engineering

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NPI and Engineering processes cross the company from stage one of Marketing – MRD through R&D stages including layouts phases, DFX’s processes via Prototype phases towards Pre-Production and Mass-Production. In other words it is basically Effective and Efficient Transfer from R&D to Mass Production of high quality cost effective products using concurrent & sustain engineering processes. The impact of well define engineering process on company operations as for: production design, organisation, pricing and profitability will have a positive impact on company operation performance. This impact needs to be recognised at the top management level and should be a part of the emphasis areas in the company’s strategic vision that has to be handled professionally, carefully and coordinated as well.

Good product development practice includes:

  • Requirements definition
  • Design
  • Validation
  • Production
  • Reduced time-to-market is a universal goal

Good Engineering process provides Central communication and puts everyone in the company and vs. the suppliers / CM’s on the “same page”. Reduce significantly the unknown and the misunderstood.
In other words it enables quality smooth & effective Product Engineering.


The company is looking to establishing a best in class practice, enabling smooth operations and supply chain management process across the company.
Stottland – is proposing to review & support company operations activities in cooperation with company’s team.