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Stottland Business Solutions (“SBS”) is an end-to-end innovative business solutions provider.

Since its formation SBS is offering its clients proven strategies, technologies, and methodologies that significantly reduced total cost, enhanced service distinction and accelerate profitability.

Providing Logistical, Operational, Financial, Environment compliance and Technical solutions, combined with turnkey services in business strategic aspects, our experts bring years of experience, knowledge and expertise of working on customer side and understanding the customer business.

We provide consulting services in a wide area of business processes.dreamstime_4622453[1]
New Product Introduction (NPI), Engineering including Configuration Control & Component Engineering, DFX’s methodologies, Concurrent & Sustain Engineering, Production, Logistics, Procurement, Planning, Costing, Inventory policies and management. CM management including QA, QC & audit activities in NPI and Mass Production projects, with all aspects of Supply Chain management (SCM).

Our close cooperation with our clients and out of the box thinking enable us to overcome challenges and support the whole process, from working out strategies through operational realization towards process and product implementation.