CMRT 4.20 Now Available

CMRT 4.20 Now Available!

Traditionally, Stottland Business Solutions (“SBS”) is the first to update for another update in the CMRT File, from CFSI.

The major changes you will see in CMRT 4.20 (released November 30, 2016) include:

1. Corrections to all bugs and errors

a. Ability to insert rows to the product list tab

b. Grammatical fixes

2. Enhancements which do not conflict with IPC-1755

a. Additions and clarifications in the instructions and definitions

b. Update to ISO short names for countries changed:

cmrt old vs new 4.20


3. Translation improvements for all updated instructions and definitions.

4. Updates to the Smelter Reference List and Standard Smelter List.


Please download the new template here.